24 Asset Management

Comprehensive End-to-End Default and Asset Management Solutions


Industrial & Manufacturing Facility Services

As a professional industrial maintenance company, 24 Asset takes care to provide customers with the exact services they need to increase profit by increasing quality, minimizing downtime, and improving reliability and efficiency of their equipment. 24 Asset's staff members are professional, courteous, and efficient. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION or CALL (855) 414-2424 ext. 390

Experienced Industrial Maintenance Services

24 Asset understands specific industrial maintenance needs and has a comprehensive understanding that speed to market is a focus. 24 Asset can also provide solutions to help curb escalating energy costs. 24 Asset will maximize facility service dollars and increase operating efficiencies. The company’s diverse footprint facilitates a wide range of industrial and manufacturing services.

Predictive Maintenance Services

Using cutting edge technology such as thermal imaging and vibration analyzers, 24 Asset conducts a preliminary evaluation of equipment with a thorough visual inspection and analysis of oil and fluid samples, vibration, electrical supply quality, operating temperatures, functionality, and environment conditions. Upon completion, a comprehensive report is presented to convey the condition of the equipment as well as recommendations for improvement and identification of potential problems. Upon approval, 24 Asset’s highly trained technicians put the plan into action to fix problems before they get worse.

On-Demand (OD) Services

24 Facility Management (“24 FM”) works with facility managers, business owners, and property managers to deliver managed Facility Maintenance solutions, otherwise referred to as Commercial Handyman Services. Saving time and money is critical to efficient business operations.

24 Facility Management (“24 FM”) recognizes that the comfort, safety and productivity of the people who work at, live in and visit your buildings are directly impact the bottom line. Unexpected productivity losses or work interruptions as a result of a breakdown in your equipment are inconvenient and expensive and can damage relationships as well as affect monthly operating expenses.

24 Facility Management (“24 FM”) offers three levels of Facility Maintenance Programs to address the individual needs of each facility:

  1. On-Site Maintenance
  2. Multi-Facility Maintenance
  3. On-Demand Maintenance
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