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Facilities Services

24 Asset, in concert with joint venture and teaming partners, provides commercial facility and maintenance services which draw upon a successful history of providing comprehensive services to government and military facilities and commercial clients around the world. 24 Asset is known for delivering superior work, cost-effective results, and complete customer satisfaction. 24 Asset successfully and consistently achieves results through disciplined planning and scheduling, the application of computerized maintenance management systems and the unsurpassed technical expertise of a highly skilled workforce.

The low risk choice when it comes to selecting an experienced manager.

Facilities Management Services

Since inception, 24 Asset has not had any recordable incidents due to work related injuries or accidents on any contract.

Intuitive Security Solutions

Protecting the Client’s business is 24 Asset’s business. Highly experienced security professionals work diligently at the forefront of integrated security so their Clients can spend valuable time keeping their business at the forefront of their industry. Every business is different and each presents different types of unique security risks. That’s why 24 Asset never takes a one-size-fits-all approach.

Facility Operations & Maintenance

24 Asset Management has had successful fixed price/indefinite quantity facility operations and maintenance services and repair contracts at:

We provide:

Military Logistics Services

24 Asset provides comprehensive logistics services across the United States and around the world while effectively and efficiently operating on an international scale without compromising a commitment to superior service. Seasoned managers and highly trained workforce provide government and private customers with a wide variety of logistics services including:

Aerospace Support Services

Aerospace support services utilize industry best practices and innovative approaches to improve overall operations and keep operating costs in check. 24 Asset’s expertise includes:

Fleet Operations & Maintenance Services

Innovative fleet maintenance solutions to improve fleet availability, safety and life expectancy while reducing operating and maintenance costs. The management and highly trained workforce, advanced technologies and proven management practices help clients in federal, state, and municipal governments and commercial customers at locations throughout the United States achieve their goals through top-quality: Maximum vehicle availability (vehicles including police, fire, emergency response, heavy equipment, and other vehicle types) and Maintenance and Repair (emergency response, driver training, driver’s license management and dispatch services).

Construction Services

24 Asset and their partners, management and highly trained workforce have been providing comprehensive construction services for customers including the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Postal Service. 24 Asset’s construction services range from minor building renovations to refurbishments of waste water treatment plants to replacement of boat docks and marine facilities. The history of successful performance on government contracts encompasses:

Military Housing Services

24Asset’s management has nearly 25 years of experience in providing military family housing maintenance, renovation and privatization services. Military housing maintenance was 24 Asset’s original core competency, upon which was built a reputation for excellence. The team has a proven record of customer satisfaction, providing quality products, superior work and cost-effective results with over 75 housing maintenance contracts throughout the United States.

Hospital Support Services

24 Asset and their partners’ dedication to excellence has been proven on more than 100 projects for operations and maintenance contracts. The highly-trained workforce delivers innovative facility management by continually seeking improved procedures and technologies. The effective results serve as a foundation for the success in fulfilling the customers’ missions.

Disaster Response Teams

24 Asset offers a broad range of expertise which is not easily found in other companies. The knowledge and expertise gained from past disaster recovery and construction projects, gives 24 asset an edge in gaining full speed as rapidly as possible, managing a safe and successful project, and working nonstop until the mission is completed.

Past Performance

Janitorial Services

24 Asset provides janitorial services to facilities throughout the United States. 24 Asset partners with organizations that require the highest standard of cleaning services with an understanding that very work site is a unique environment and requires a tailored program to meet specialized needs.

Green Cleaning

24 Asset understands that any green initiative is so much more than simply replacing one product for another. Employees are encouraged to always Think Green and Clean Green! 24 Asset attempts to exceed local, state, and federal governmental agencies environmental efforts and recommendations so that all may live and enjoy a better quality life and leave a better planet to future generations. Additionally, employees are required to Reduce Reuse and Recycle to reduce the environmental impact their daily activities.

Leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED): 24 Asset is a proud service partner of high-profile facilities that are LEED certified and has made the commitment to providing green cleaning programs to its clients. 24 Asset has systems in place that are a value component in these buildings achieving their US Green Building Council LEED certification.

The Think Green! Clean Green! Program is designed to create a healthier building environment for a building’s users. Through the use of Green Seal and Designed for Environment (DFE) chemicals, and approved cleaning equipment and tools, 24 Asset is improving indoor air quality and also contributing to source reduction. The success of green cleaning is a continuous improvement process. Scheduled training/education of the custodial staff is a mandatory requirement of 24 Asset’s Think Green! Clean Green! Program.

Profession & Training Services

24 Asset and their partners provide Professional and Training services to government agencies and organizations that require the highest standard of services on a nationwide scale.

24 Asset understands that every work site is a unique environment and requires a tailored program to meet specialized needs.

Technical Assistance Coverage

Technical Assistance Coverage

Information & IT Services

Versatile, turnkey solutions for any agency or commercial company working with fiber optics across the United States. The unique business model presents both technical services and custom manufactured products to meet Client needs. Technical services include fiber optic network design, field installation services, and sub-contracting support. The staff has 50 years of combined experience in technical design, installation, manufacturing and consulting on state-of-the-art optical systems. 24 Asset specializes in fiber optic termination, troubleshooting, splicing, and testing services and provides these services on-site year-round throughout the United States.

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