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About Us

About Us

24 Asset Management Corporation is a full-spectrum early stage delinquency, borrower outreach, loss mitigation, late stage recovery, and REO asset management company providing industry leading solutions. 24 Asset's seasoned executive management team has over 100 combined years of relevant experience in the asset loss mitigation, REO asset management, accounts receivable, default management and component servicing space. This certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) has been streamlining business processes for Client partners such as financial institutions, GSE's, banks, loan servicing firms, and mortgage companies with nationwide industry leading solutions for eight years.

Corporate Bios

24 Asset is currently staffed with experienced, trained, multi-lingual call center representatives, licensed debt collectors, and skip tracing personnel. Additionally, Client specific portfolio leads, analysts, and operational support staff utilize proprietary technology and proven work flows to create the optimal environment for productivity and solution driven account resolutions delivering measurable results to Clients and an ideal borrower experience to the customers. 24 Asset's Executive Team is lead by:

Strategic Partmers

In addition to an experienced staff and Executive Team, 24 Asset Management believes that meaningful alliances are the foundation for success and allow 24 Asset to deliver best in class services and solutions to all its valuable Clients and their customers. To this end, 24 Asset has forged strategic partnerships with key companies and individuals to ensure success, profitability, and longevity. 24 Asset’s strategic partners are considered based on their ability to enable 24 Asset to extend their reach and accomplish more on a Client (or project) specific basis while ensuring sustainability and mutual benefit. Extensive due diligence is conducted on all potential partners and partners are selected based on a strategic analysis of the market sector, target audience, servicing synergies, and their comprehensive understanding of 24 Asset’s objectives, goals, and principles. The partner’s core values, vision, credibility, reputation, and integrity are also integral to the decisioning process.

Licenses & Accreditations

24 Asset Management Corp, a certified owned and operated Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and member in good standing with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). 24 Asset maintains the necessary collection licensing, insurance, and bonding to perform all services in a fully-compliant manner (on local, state, and federal levels). Additionally, all asset managers and associated brokers and agents are required to attend regular training and compliance seminars (either in person or via an online webinar). Call center representatives and supervisors are required to complete FDCPA and teleservices compliance training upon hire, are re-certified on an annual basis, and receive regular compliance update training. 24 Asset utilizes a SAS70/SSAE16 certified colocation facility to ensure data security and business continuity. Industry associations and memberships ensure a constant flow of pertinent regulatory updates and training topics in addition to critical business relationships. Current industry associations and affiliations include: National Minority Supplier Development Council, Mortgage Bankers Association.

Media & News

For all communications related inquiries, including: Public relations, Media relations, Community relations, Advertising: print, broadcast and internet, Corporate positioning, and Logo use CLICK HERE TO EMAIL MEDIA OR COMMUNITY RELATED INQUIRIES (855) 414-2424.

Social Responsibility

24 Asset recognizes that as a company their work may have a direct or indirect impact on the local, regional, and global environment. 24 Asset is committed to minimizing the negative impacts and acting in a sustainably responsible manner, meeting the needs of their Clients without compromising work standards or the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To this end, 24 Asset has made corporate commitments to the strategic redeployment of assets (properties), community revitalization, and environmental sustainability.

Redeployment & Revitalization

24 Asset is committed to the socially responsible disposition of assets on behalf of all of its valuable Clients.

Strategic Redeployment: Assets are reintroduced to the marketplace through innovative and socially responsible disposition methods in conjunction with municipalities, communities, and neighborhoods. Public and private programs are identified and utilized to assist prospective homeowners, including: Section 8 Homebuyer, FHA 203(k) renovation loans, FHA reverse mortgages, Fannie Mae HomePath®, FNMA and FNMAC Direct Seller, and down payment assistance programs.  A self-financed homeownership program for first time buyers as well as a "second chance" buyer program for borrowers adversely affected by unfavorable market conditions are also employed.

Community Revitalization: The need for immediate occupancy in targeted markets is identified to reduce the neighborhood instability that continues to thwart economic development and real estate growth. State-of-the-art management systems are implemented to ensure all assets are managed and physically maintained during the process to ensure superior industry property preservation standards, mitigate vandalism, prevent blight, and encourage community confidence. Grass roots and local organizations such as Home Free USA, NeighborWorks sponsored non-profits and the National Faith Homebuyer Program serve as instrumental marketing outlets for assets.

Environmental Sustainability

24 Asset's Environmental Sustainability core commitment revolves around the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). This strategy focuses on: reducing consumption of resources, energy, and materials during day-to-day operations; reusing or remanufacturing items; and recycling material after its initial use. All employees, managers, and vendors are encouraged to “Be Seen Going Green” and are required to integrate the following green guidelines into every day actions:

Reduce! 24 Asset encourages all employees and vendors to reduce the production of waste through the use of electronic communications, unless a Client requests otherwise all quotes, invoices, and other communications are sent via email (or secure FTP transmission). This saves on paper and carbon miles for postage.

Lights, computers, and appliances are turned off (or unplugged) when not in use. Electronic documentation and imaging is utilized to provide a paperless filing option.

Reuse! Misprints are reused as scratch paper and/or shred for packing materials paper where possible. Recycled office supplies (e.g. toner, paper, etc) are purchased when and where possible to reuse available resources.

Recycle! At the end of its practical life hardware is cleared of information and passed to the local electronic recycling facility or equivalent, to be refurbished or used as parts. Paper recycling/shredding receptacles are strategically located around the office. Recycling receptacles are located in the employee break-room.

Business Viability

As the servicing (and sub-servicing) landscape becomes more complex from a regulatory and compliance standpoint, the need for a comprehensive understanding and flow of information between partners becomes more and more crucial. 24 Asset recognizes the necessity for the regular performance data, scorecards, and reporting to be accompanied by compliance and business viability documentation. 24 Asset is fully-committed to ensuring that all Clients maintain the utmost level of confidence in all of their solutions and services (both front-line and behind the scenes).

24 Asset believes that an effective and productive vendor-management model includes vendor oversight initiatives, audits, and quality control. 24 Asset also believes that the responsibility for these initiatives shouldn't fall entirely to the servicer. As a trusted vendor/sub-servicer 24 Asset has created a Business Viability Manual which details key risk management procedures, statutory compliance, and financial stability.

24 Asset strongly believes that operational performance can be optimized for both the servicer and vendor by proactively providing this manual to each Client. Complete demonstration and documentation of business continuity, compliance/risk management, internal controls, policies and procedures, and financial stability are the primary goals of 24 Asset's Business Viability Manual which is provided to each Client upon execution of a contract and updated on a bi-annual basis.

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